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Julian Hadden - TV Cameraman | Editor | Director | Photographer | Broadcast Technician


I'm delighted to offer a recommendation for Julian Hadden.
Julian shot a feature-length documentary for me.
His camera abilities are excellent --with great attention to detail
on framing, use of natural light and depth of focus and backgrounds
for talking head interviews. 
In addition, he plans and films sequences with the foresight of elements
an editor will need in post-production.
Julian used a full light kit on location for key interviews featured
in our documentary, capably demonstrating his ability to create a well lit and
evocative set precisely as directed. In fact, his camera work has received positive
comments during the various screenings of our film.
Julian is a craftsmen with his camera work. His ability to work long hours
and endure challenging situations make him an ideal location camera man.
His editing skills enhanced his shooting skills in planning productions
on deadline and within budget.
This is strengthened by his solid background in broadcast engineering techniques.
Julian is among the best camera men I've had the pleasure of working
with and would be an asset to any production company - on location, 
in the studio or in a news or commercial environment.
Julian is a consummate professional and a supportive, reliable colleague.
With regards,
Jeanne Hallacy
Director, Into the Current:Burma's Political Prisoners